We make ice cream cakes!

8" round     $ 45.00

Our cakes are all ice cream. They are made on-site, by hand. Each cake consists of 2 layers of ice cream, with an extra yummy accent treat between the layers. 

For example:

top layer: vanilla bean ice cream

middle accent: fresh strawberries

bottom layer: strawberry ice cream

YOU CAN CUSTOM ORDER any flavors of ice cream and mid-section treat you'd like*. 

Keep in mind, a minimum of 48 hours is required for us to put together your cake.

Possible ideas for what to put in between your ice cream layers: candy, cookies, nuts, fruit, pretzels, sprinkles, etc. We're open to ideas, or can give you some. Just give us a call or stop by.

*Ice cream flavors must be one of our flavors